About Us

StoryVillageUSA brings the best stories from our past to students in the present to build future leaders for tomorrow.

We believe stories are POWERFUL!  

Cherokee elders shared wild woods wisdom with folk tales from their forest library. Activist Harriet Beecher Stowe moved the heart of a nation with her best-selling novel. And Franklin D. Roosevelt's "fireside chats" were so effective that he was elected president four times!

We believe EVERYONE has a story to tell and they should tell it well!

Reading with fluency and comprehension, writing with clarity of purpose, and speaking confidently are all essential elements of a quality education.

We believe the best teacher is a HUMAN BEING!

Although technology can play a part in the educational process, nothing replaces person-to-person communication. Therefore, StoryVillageUSA is not intended to serve as an "electronic babysitter" but rather as a multi-functional tool that teachers can use to introduce a topic, prompt discussion, review facts, and inspire creativity.

We believe in TOP QUALITY!

StoryVillageUSA is proud to secure the services of teaching artist Tim Lowry. Tim is passionate about telling stories of the American people. His repertoire includes true stories from American history, a variety of American folk tales, and personal narratives about life in the Southern United States. Tim has presented well over 5,000 school programs and is a perennial favorite at the National Storytelling Festival.