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Seersucker Stories

Over five hours of pontification and prognostication from one of America's most prolific Southern raconteurs! 

Album downloads in this digital package: Out 'n No Book, Stay on the Road, My Favorite Time of Year, Sweet Tea Commentary, I Ain't Know, Bo!

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Festival of Folk Tales

Five complete albums of stories from around the world. (Except for Australia. I don't know any stories from Australia.)

Album downloads in this digital package: Mostly Jack Tales, Cowboys & Indians, Seven World Folk Tales, The Elephant's Child & Other Animal Stories, Folk Tales From Around The World.

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Story Village, USA!

When Tim spoke at a local elementary school the librarian noted, "Books about American History flew off the shelves after Tim's visit! His exciting stories inspired many young readers!"

This digital package includes three hours of video adventure stories, fifteen audio folktales, fifteen articles of interest, history journals, annotated bibliographies, and more!

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Graveyard Tales of the Lowcountry 

Over two hours of spook stories! Filmed on location in the historic graveyard of St. Paul's Church in Summerville, SC these tales crawl up your spine and tickle your funny bone. Bonus features include craft demos, book reviews, games, album downloads, and more!

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Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

See, hear, and taste the world's most beloved ghost story as Tim blends dramatic scenes from the novel with cooking demonstrations from his own kitchen. Bonus features include holiday pudding recipe and reading list downloads and a few surprises!

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